Off Site Sales

We are pleased to supply both new and previously owned holiday homes to customers looking to buy for their own home or use elsewhere. In particular, when one of the older caravans is no longer required by its owner, is still thoroughly serviceable but has reached the stage when it needs a home elsewhere, we offer it for sale off site. Without any subletting use and having been well cared for although perhaps 25 years old, they are really good value, usually in the £450 to £1,500 price range, £3,000 to £5,000 when 20 years old but with better insulation, double glazing and LP Gas central heating. All require low loader caravan transporters. If you have your own transport all well and good, if not we can give you a contact number.

To contact us please either email or phone 01473 736650. If met by an answerphone, please accept our apologies for being away from the phone. If you would like to leave a message, please leave your contact information, a brief message stating your interest and when the most convenient time would be for us to call you back.

Thank you.

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