Pre-owned Holiday Homes

The range and availability varies with the selling season, April to mid October. As there is no subletting and the Moon and Sixpence neither caters for, nor attracts, the mass market, previously owned holiday homes tend to be immaculate. Prices vary from around £10,000 for an 18 year old aluminium holiday caravan with neither central heating nor double glazing, with a more modern version with double glazing and central heating from around £15,000. Less than 10 years old with steel tiled roof, improved insulation, double glazing and central heating from around £25,000 and up. Previously owned lodges are few and far between.

For further information, please call us on 01473 736650 or email to check availability.


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If you are interested in purchasing a pre-owned holiday home at The Moon and Sixpence, please email or call us on 01473 736650 and we will keep you updated on any available holiday homes at the park.

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